electric-vs-traditional shaving

Electric and Traditional Shaving: Pros and Cons

Nowadays men face a challenge in making decisions on whether to go for an electric or traditional shaver. The ideal secret is making the right decision on which is best to settle for and sticking to it forever. However, if you hear your wife, friends or girlfriend commenting negatively about your choice, perhaps you might need to reconsider. Reconsidering does not mean shifting from electric to manual then electric again and so on. It means evaluating yourself and seeking to know which is working well for you.  Once you settle in it, stick to it forever.

The debate on electric vs traditional shaving: pros and cons are not coming down any time soon. Generally speaking, the young generation has fully embraced electric shaving while the old is still stuck on old manual shaving. You want to know what difference is there between the two and their pros and cons? Read this article through.

Electric Shaving

electric shaving

Electric shaving involves the use of a machine connected to the power source. Once power is on, the device can work by cutting through hair leading to a clear shave. Commonly used electric machines are;

1). Foil shaver: this device has one head and some blades that move from right to left during the shaving process. It best suited for men with fine facial features.

2). Rotary Shaver: this machine has some heads that spin circularly during the shaving process. It is best suited for men with strong facial features.

Pros of Electric Shaving

  1. High speed

You can talk anything you want concerning shaving, but you will never separate high shaving speed from electric shavers. If you have a meeting or a trip to catch on, forget about the manual shaving. Also how to clean the shaver is quite easy and fast since most of them come with a cleaning station.

  1. Easy the shaving process

Shaving with an electric shaver does not need much or any training. You need to hold the device from the back with your three right figures and support it at the front with the thumb. After doing that, your pinky on the tang and strike the razor gently on your face, and there you go shaving your beards.

With whichever shaver you use, the shaving process is the same. All you need is have the right skill to hold the machine, flip the power button on, and then do the work either against or with the hair grain.

  1. No need to buy shaving cream

On average, over 80% of men in the universe are bearded and spends at least 3,000 hours of their life shaving. With this in mind, the cost of shaving products stands to increase. Those who shave the manual way usually use shaving cream, but with an electric shaver, shaving cream is a thing of the past.

  1. Offers maximum shaving comfort

Skin sensitivity is probably the determining factor of which shaving method you choose. If your skin reacts to razor burn causing irritation or you have ingrown hairs you need to keep off traditional razors.

With an electric shaver, however, you can shave with comfort and peace having in mind it will not backfire on you at the end.

Cons of electric shavers

  1. The initial cost of electric shaver is high

Unlike manual shavers that are commonly available and cheap to acquire, electric shavers are quite expensive. When buying a Panasonic Arc 5 shaver, you will not just be required to fork dollars but in good amount.

  1. Shaver never gives you a more close shaving experience.

Though we have excellent high-end electric razors that give a close shave, some traditional blades beat them in close shaving ability. However, making the final decision on which shaver has the highest close shave ability depends on personal experience.

  1. Ability to adapt to electric shaver takes time

Have you ever asked yourself why people develop pimples along the chin once there get beard shaving? It all revolves around the ability to developing adaptability to electric shavers. Ideally, before many people take up electric shaver chances have they might have tried the traditional one. When one feels the shaver is not working well with him, some opt to leave it forever and go back to the traditional one.

Traditional shaving

Traditional Shaving

Traditional shaving since its inception thousands of years ago is still present up to date. This tells you it is not going anywhere soon.

Pros of Traditional shaving

  1. It’s economical

Apart from shaving cream, which in most cases many, opt not to buy and use soap, traditional shaving has no other expenses like electricity bills. The razors used are double-edged, and when one edge comes blunt, one can use the other side. For electric shaving, the blade is a single faced and need to be sharpened every time hence raising expenses.

  1. Traditional shaving has the closest possible shave

Regardless of which razor you are using, traditional shaver shaves more closely to the skin than electric blades. Some of the traditional razors include the cartridge razor, the double edge, and the straight blade. Traditional quality shaver also offers great work that can give you comfort and calmness at all times.

  1. Tested and proven

Traditional shaving method has been there since the time of Jesus and Samson, and up to today, it is still present. This tells you that it is quite reliable to use

Cons of Traditional Shaving

  1. Time-consuming

As we said, there is nothing to compare with the speed of electric shaver. If you are that person who is always in a hurry to catch up with every minute, then traditional shaving should never be your option.

  1. Has more chances of nicks and cuts

If your head has multiple ringworms, bumps, cartilages, overgrown skins, or even scars resulting from accidents, traditional shaving should not be your option. The razor blade used during shaving can easily cut you during shaving.


The electric vs traditional: pros and cons seem to be enshrined on an individual perspective. Also, the shaving method cut across individual chooses. In the real sense, the best method to shave with is that which work best for you and not the one your barber or your friend suggests for you.

Choose your shaving method today and enjoy yourself.